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Responding to Covid-19

· Clean water,Sanitation,Safe water,Hygiene

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Kaloko took action as quickly as possible to bring forward our 2020 Safe Water Programme in Zambia, so that vulnerable communities would have a safe supply of water before the pandemic reached them.

In close collaboration with Kaloko Zambia, we redesigned the programme, and brought forward the borehole drilling to earlier in the year. We also secured emergency funding from Just a Drop for two additional boreholes, taking the total for this year to eight new boreholes along with borehole repair and maintenance training for village Water and Sanitation Committees.

In addition, the project is providing water and sanitation education for each village. We restructured our training and education programme, to avoid the risks associated with large gatherings, and to comply with Zambian Government guidelines.

Despite the challenges, all eight boreholes will soon be fully installed and supplying safe water to 2,000 people who previously had to use more distant and unsafe sources of water.