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Water works

Due to the continuing success of Kaloko’s borehole project, UK NGO Just a Drop generously funded five more safe water projects in Luansobe/Kashitu in 2017. Kaloko staff visited communities throughout the area and selected Funte, Shibangwa, Kawanga, Wila Wila and Mukwemba, with a combined population of 905 people. Each community formed a Water and Sanitation Committee (WSC), to look after the boreholes once installed.

Forty-six WSC members attended a ten day workshop to learn about sanitation, hygiene and borehole maintenance and repair. A local government environmental health technician, Abraham Chomba conducted the first part and then local mechanic, Evaristo Kasabila gave maintenance and repair lessons. The participants gained practical experience when they fixed boreholes in neighbouring villages and Evaristo’s knowledge impressed participants and Kaloko staff alike. He is now known as the ‘man on a bike’ and travels to all the boreholes to check that the WSC is active and can manage any problems.

Before the borehole was installed, each community contributed to a 1,500 kwacha capital fund to cover the cost of any major repairs. The community members contribute 5 kwacha a month for ongoing maintenance. The capital funds and ongoing contributions keep the clean water supply sustainable.

The borehole project also benefits pupils who may miss classes to fetch water. One of many who benefit is Desire Kasokela, aged 12, and the seventh child in a family of 10. Desire lives in Shibangwa village and studies in grade seven at Luampesa Community School. Desire said, ‘I can go to school on time now that I have water near; I used to cover a very long distance to get water from the stream.’ She also knows that water from the stream was contaminated since livestock also drank from it, but the borehole water is clean and safe.

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