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Youth Day in Zambia

Celebrating the potential of children and young people

· Clean water,HIV Aids,Children,Young people

12 March is celebrated in Zambia as Youth Day. While young people face many challenges, we'd like to focus on the hope that Kaloko projects offer to the communities we work with.

Fifty percent of Zambia's population are aged 16 or under. With the help of our supporters, Kaloko has run successful HIV/Aids Peer Education projects with young people in schools for many years and many of our projects work to help children and young people. Projects such as providing bicycles, improved health services and better school sanitation to sinking boreholes to give access to clean water. Closer boreholes reduce water-borne diseases but also improve educational opportunities for girls. It's often the girls who fetch water and if they don't have to walk so far there is more chance that they will have time to attend school.

And importantly we've been able to improve educational opportunities, building school classrooms and teacher housing and running the class sponsorship scheme. This gives us a chance to say thank you to all our sponsors and supporters who are making the future brighter for the young people in Luansobe/Kashitu. Please see our page if you can help further.