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Books to improve health

Kaloko receives new grant from the BMA Information Fund

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We are delighted to report that the BMA Information Fund has given Kaloko a grant supplying medical text books to front line care staff in the rural communities we work with in Zambia. We have recently received news that our application was successful and a full range of carefully selected text books will shortly be on their way.

The medical books will be held in the Luansobe Rural Health Centre where medical staff, nurses, and environmental health officers from five rural health centres can easily access them. These clinicians serve a wide population including the more remote health outposts, and they will find the books invaluable in informing better diagnosis and treatment.

Kaloko UK Director Madeleine Bates said 'I know how desperately needed these resources are by the Rural Health Centres we work with in the Copperbelt and Central Provinces, having visited several times and spoken with the health workers working there. They are doing a wonderful job in very difficult circumstances; facilities are rudimentary and there are very few resources available to them - in terms of reference materials, equipment and drugs to treat people.'

In addition, Kaloko Zambia project staff will receive books on water, sanitation and hygiene, all vital in informing the development of improved facilities in the area.

There is an interesting BMA article, including coverage of the books being supplied to Kaloko Zambia here: