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Man on a Bike Two

Kaloko's Man on a Bike keeps the clean water flowing

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Sydney Bwalya is Kaloko Zambia’s second ‘Man on a Bike’! Sydney works on our safe water programme, helping with borehole training and visiting communities by motorbike to check that their boreholes are functioning properly. The Man on a Bike tries to ensure that the boreholes in the area, of which there are now many, are maintained in good working order and supplying safe water. He carries out repairs that are beyond the capability of community members and where necessary he re-trains community teams in servicing their boreholes. Sydney also checks that the community users of the boreholes are making the agreed contribution towards their upkeep. It’s a valuable job, and while there are many broken and unused boreholes in Africa, the Man on a Bike programme is helping to ensure that boreholes in the areas we serve continue to run smoothly. If you can help with this or similar important work to help the communities in Zambia please support us with a donation here: