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World Water Day 22 March

Recognising the value of accessible safe water

· Clean water,Safe water,Hygiene,Sanitation

Kaloko has focussed quite heavily on improving clean water supplies to the rural communities of Luansobe/Kashitu in recent years. As you might expect, having a supply of safe water within reach of people's homes is incredibly valuable. The photo above was taken before the Covid pandemic but clean water and well-sited handwashing facilities are more important than ever. We worked to improve facilities quickly during 2020 so that Rural Health Centres had the soap and handwashing points they needed.

Over the longer term Kaloko has provided 56 new boreholes in the areas with the greatest need and now serving over 12,000 people!

Data collected locally around Luansobe shows that 80% of health problems are due to an oral-faecal transmission of germs. So, as part of our water and sanitation programme, Kaloko works with funding partners to provide clean and safe water by installing boreholes close to those communities who most need them. However, Kaloko Trust Zambia’s (KTZ’s) monitoring showed that alongside providing clean water, information and training about hygiene is vital in reducing disease rates. KTZ’s highly-skilled fieldworkers therefore deliver training where new boreholes are drilled. The training addresses different water-borne diseases and how they are transmitted; how to protect water sources from contamination; treating water at home; personal and environmental hygiene; and sanitation practices. We are particularly grateful for funding from Just a Drop and Wilmslow Wells for Africa to support this work. A community where people are sick less often means the children miss school less often and the parents are freed up to grow their food and better care for their families.

Please see if you can help further.